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Cynthia Sahakian

 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Change is difficult but you don't have to do it alone. I believe each person has within them the power and skills needed to make changes and succeed in life. My goal as a therapist is to meet clients where they are, build on the strengths they already possess, and develop strategies to help cope with life's ups and downs more effectively. I strive to create a warm and supportive environment where clients feel free of judgement and comfortable sharing and working toward their personal goals.

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity for self discovery and understanding. A safe environment to explore our thoughts,  feelings, and emotions. Healing  starts with finding safety and support in the therapeutic relationship. I strive to create a safe and containing space to discover the ways problems live in your mind and body. As you begin to feel more regulated and embodied, I guide you with processing and releasing of traumatic experiences resulting in increased self understanding and compassion. With my help patients will be empowered to relieve emotional pain, increase confidence, improve coping skills, make important decisions and adjust to life's changes. This experience is the basis for developing positive relationships in all areas of life.

In psychotherapy you can work on: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger, Relationship and/or Marriage Challenges, Addiction, Abuse, Family Issues, Insomnia, Sexuality, Grief and Loss, Food and Eating Issues, etc. And sometimes you may just need someone to talk to. Take the first step and call.

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Individual therapy is provided to children, adolescents and adults. At times, everyday issues can feel hard to address and overcome alone. With me you will have a safe environment to explore your thoughts and feelings and make sense of your emotions. This will result in better self understanding, compassion and will help you gain self awareness, make well informed decisions, use effective communication and increase self esteem. You can work on your depression, anxiety, anger, abuse, family issues, addiction, and many more. Individual therapy will be a time dedicated to you which will optimize your growth in different aspects of life.



Therapy can be a safe space for you and your partner to process any relationship development needs. Some couples also come to therapy to figure out if a separation is a healthier choice for them. Therapy will allow you to examine how your past experiences have an influence on your present relationship dynamics. In couples therapy you will be able to work on communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, trust, discover the relationship needs and fulfilling connection. In couples therapy each person will have the opportunity to learn about themselves as well as each other in a safe and grounded environment.  

Family therapy helps with understanding within family members. It can be an effective way to address issues with depression, substance abuse, financial hardship, divorce, death of a loved one, behavioral problems. In family therapy you can learn effective problem solving skills, communication skills, understanding and collaboration among family members. During family therapy we can uncover the source of the problem within the family and learn to handle stressful situations together. 

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